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  • Our Fire-engines are genuine de-commissioned appliances, fully converted to carry up to 8 passengers in comfort with: a glass roof, champagne table, DVD player, Karaoke, Plasma Screen Tv and the crew in full Fire-fighter uniform, Helmets are provided for the duration of the journey and we also have uniforms for the children to wear.
  • Party Child receives a free, red Fire Chief helmet to keep
  • Vehicle, passengers and crew fully insured
  • Crew member is St Johns First Aid trained and a first aid kit is kept onboard.
  • We will never carry more than the legal number of passengers which is 8.
  • As there are no forward facing seats in the passenger area, it is not a legal requirement to wear seatbelts. However we take the safety of our passengers very seriously and it is for this reason we have invested in the installation of inertia seatbelts and ensure that all children wear them during the journey. We also recommend that adults wear them whilst the vehicle is travelling.
  • It is not permitted to drive a non emergency vehicle with blue flashing lights & sirens, so these have either been disconnected or replaced with air horns and yellow flashing lights.
  • Our Fire Engine's are not bogus and fully licensed by Castle Point Borough Council and are registered as private hire vehicles.
  • All our drivers are CRB checked.